HVA Review 241 – Spring 2020

Spring 2020

If you missed it the first time around take some time to read our Spring issue. The Summer issue will be appearing soon.

Extract from the editorial from the March edition of the Review

“Since the above editorial was written we now find ourselves in the midst of Covid-19.

Apart from having had to delete articles which have become redundant in the interim and which have resulted in the blank pages of this issue, we hope that the remaining cover, editorial and copy will inform and even cheer up our readers over this dark period in our lives.

Our biggest decision, however, was whether or not to publish and distribute the Review. In the event, this was resolved when we realised that it would have been completely unreasonable and subsequently impossible as a result of HM Government legislation,  to expect our road reps to deliver the magazine throughout the community.

Thankfully we have a website which will at least enable our readership to access this issue and perhaps print out copies for family, friends and neighbours without access to their own computers or laptops.”

The book cover may take a little while to appear. Click on the book cover.