20 mph proposal update

Proposed 20mph Speed Limit around Hayes Schools – Update

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Taken from a Facebook post by Hayes Village Local Neighbourhood Scheme

The good news is that this proposal is on the agenda for the Scrutiny Committee to discuss next Wednesday 29th January (see item 7b on the agenda).

The bad news is that there are now 3 amendment documents which show a much-reduced proposal which doesn’t even cover Hayes Street or George Lane at all (so bad for those walking to Hayes Primary School).

Please do take a look at these changes and write again to local councillors if these changes do not reflect your views.


Email addresses to contact:

  • peter.fortune@bromley.gov.uk
  • Graham.arthur@bromley.gov.uk
  • Neil.reddin@bromley.gov.uk

the 2 Chair of the Committees

  • will.harmer@bromley.gov.uk and
  • William.Huntington@bromley.gov.uk?

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