2BX Boxing Club, Station Approach Hayes,  wins two National titles in one weekend

2BX Boxing Club, Station Approach Hayes,  wins two National titles in one weekend. This is the first for any club in the London Borough and certainly a first for Hayes.

The converted
National Schools ABA Boxing Championships 2020

In February 2020 the National ABA Schools championship took place over the entire month with 100s  of boxers nationally competing over several weekends to reach the final stages.

The finals alone had 80 boxers in the box off getting through the first stages and quarters and semi-finals.

2BX had six boxers get through to the final stages Alfie Brown, Frankie Waitson,
Gerry Connors, to quarter and semi-finals.

With Harry Mason, Rocky Day, George Sheppard and Joel Cameron making it to the final.

Joel Cameron

2BX on the 9th February 2020 produced two National ABA Schools Champions that being George Sheppard and Joel Cameron this is a brilliant achievement from the boxers, the coaches and the club.
2BX have firmly cemented themselves as one of the most successful boxing clubs nationally and regionally and are leading the way with Amateur & Professional boxing in the Bromley Borough.

Today’s achievement has certainly highlighted the brilliant work of all those involved with the boxing club. 2BX Boxing Club Hayes now goes down in history amongst the finest boxing clubs in the UK.

2BX has set a very high standard in Boxing and is now the leading boxing club in the area, boasting over 60 carded/licensed boxers and a stable of young professionals with 200 people across the Hayes and the wider community using the club monthly.

This wonderful achievement is only down to the hard work & vision of our amazing head coach and all the volunteers, coaches, staff, boxers and parents and those that support the boxing club for the Hayes community.

George Sheppard

The Amateur club is run by volunteers and is the largest youth group in the Borough teaching children of all abilities, the group raise much-needed funds from fundraising and member subscriptions, which helps fund the amateur boxing club, each year the club funds several boxers in their training and equipment as they enter the grassroots program, from that program they have produced several amateur & professional boxers, funded training, equipment, trips away to box and education such as private tuition.
The boxing club desperately needs a sponsor to continue the brilliant work with the children. The club currently costs £80,000 per annum just to break even.

If you would like to get involved with the boxing club from coaching to help organise or fundraising then please get in touch, we are currently looking for businesses to help sponsor new equipment and a kit for the children and a minibus to help transport the boxers across the UK to box.