A message from the Leader of the Council

Dear Residents,
I very much hope that this message finds yourselves, loved ones, friends and neighbours healthy and in as good a spirit as you can be at this difficult time for us all.   May I also profoundly sympathise with the pain and heartache a growing number of households across our Borough are suffering from at present, concerning the loss and hospitalisation of loved ones.   I know I speak for all decent-minded people everywhere when I say that you are all very much in all of our thoughts at this time.   More positively, as we hopefully approach and pass the peak of this horrendous crisis over the course of the next few weeks, I remain absolutely in awe of not just the NHS and other blue light services’ efforts, but also the Council’s Education, Critical Care, Public and Environmental Health teams and other public-facing staff of all grades and seniority too numerous to mention, very much including those filling often far less publicised and glamorised vital roles such as waste collection and park security at this critical time.   Thank you to every single one of you. We salute you all.   Although the next few weeks and maybe even longer are undoubtedly going to remain tough for everyone, the underlying strength, resolve and determination of Bromley residents to do the right thing for those less fortunate than ourselves as this disaster has unfolded, has been and remains absolutely incredible with our standing army of 4000 volunteers continuing to grow to this day.   There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind as I look at the changes being set in place and the tireless positive energy being displayed by so many well-intentioned people across our Borough at present, that if we harness all the good things going on, as we intend to when we eventually emerge from the awful situation we find ourselves in, some things, strangely,  will have changed markedly for the better.   Out of adversity …   Please take good care and be sure to continue following the Government’s self-isolation and social distancing rules at all times to keep others safe as well as yourselves.   This surely has to be the very best advice for all of us to adhere to, and the right thing to do to bring this misery to as early an end as we possibly can and to protect all of our brave front line workers at the same time.   Councillor Colin Smith Bromley Council Leader