Sadiq Khan and TfL have hopes to raise at least £123 million per year by charging motorists to drive through the Blackwall and Silvertown tunnels.

In a written response to a question from City Hall Conservatives, the Mayor said tolls would be introduced on both tunnels when the new Silvertown Tunnel opens in 2025.

For the first full financial year of the Blackwall and Silvertown Tunnels running (from April 1, 2025, to March 31, 2026), the expected revenue is £123 million.

This money comes from charges paid by users, including tolls and penalties.

Despite this, a TfL spokesperson has confirmed that the level of user charge has “not yet been agreed”, and TfL is working on proposals for a set of discounts for people on low income in the local area.

The revenue charges are meant to cover the costs of building and maintaining the new tunnels, which are funded by the private consortium Riverlinx.

If there is any extra money left after covering the costs, it will be used to improve the transportation network.

The revenue projections may be updated once the specific user charges are determined by Transport for London (TfL).

The Mayor, who is chairman of TfL, has previously said he expects tolls and penalties to ‘more than cover’ these annual costs.

City Hall Conservatives transport spokesman Keith Prince AM said: “Sadiq Khan is waging war on motorists to plug the £15bn blackhole in TfL finances.

“Motorists will pay TfL almost £1bn this year in road user charges including unfair ULEZ charges in outer London.

“Sadiq Khan now plans to make millions more for TfL by charging tolls on the Blackwall and Silvertown Tunnels.

“Sadiq Khan must come clean on how much motorists will pay to use these tunnels and how much of their toll will be used to prop up TfL finances.”

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesperson said: “The purpose of introducing a user charge for the Silvertown and Blackwall tunnels is to manage traffic effectively and deliver the expected environmental and economic benefits.

“It was first proposed in 2012 and forms part of the planning consent for the Silvertown Tunnel and was formally approved by government ministers in 2018.

“The planning consent requires TfL to manage traffic levels and environmental impact and introducing these charges has been a long-standing way to comply with the planning requirements.

“The level of user charge has not yet been agreed, and TfL is working on proposals for a set of discounts for people on low income in the local area.

“These will be confirmed closer to the tunnel opening date in 2025.”


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