Blue Bows – Update

Our highlights 

The donations still are coming in, and as of 02/05/2020, £4200 has been achieved.

Many requests for bows on property front doors and gardens. We have delivered them in a safety measure to homes, and the reactions from residents to us at their door is wonderful. 

We have bows also in Beckenham and West Wickham, but on front doors only, as we only have permission to hang in Hayes! Residents outside of Hayes are more than happy to have a bow on their property. 

Around 700 bows have been tied up and more to follow!

Media coverage this week, we saw the paper copy of the Newshopper with our story and Katie. 

We had a small slot on the Vanessa Phelps BBCRadio London 2 weeks ago, and she also donated!

Rio Ferdinand and his team have supported by using us as their launch on Twitter as “Thank you Thursday”, and shared with multiple other Twitter charities. @RFF Rio Ferdinand Foundation.

Many of the Station Approach shops are now participating this week with bows, a poster and a donation.

Most media TV and newspapers have been contacted, and will keep you posted on this.

The Hayes Christmas Lights Committee continues to work hard on this project, to further bring a little happiness in our community for a very good cause.