Following a number of recent incidents affecting residents in the borough, Bromley Trading Standards is advising residents to be very wary of rogue traders offering patio, driveway, roof or other cleaning services at your door.

So-called rogue traders often target residents who are perceived to be more vulnerable, often because they appear to be older. Sometimes, the doorstep caller uses tactics such as a ‘test patch’ to scam residents into paying for more work.

In one recent incident in Hayes, an older resident was quoted £250 for a driveway cleaning job which was not completed very well. When family members intervened, the rogue trader then tried to reduce the fee after the police had been called. A second incident, also in Hayes, involved a demanding trader who had asked for money for just a ‘test patch’ and other work that they claimed to have done, all of which had not been requested by the resident.

When approaching residents, sometimes doorstep traders will seek to persuade them to allow the trader to clean a ‘test patch’ of the driveway to show how it could look, or they may even do this without the resident’s permission. The aim of this is to put pressure on the resident to have all the work done, as it will often leave an unsightly patch.

Whatever the work being offered, dealing with doorstep traders risks shoddiness, having no redress, and being substantially overcharged. If it’s necessary to clean your driveway or you require other domestic cleaning services; do your research, take your time, and seek several quotes. Please look out for your vulnerable neighbours.

Find a reputable trader through the council’s Trading Standards Checked website.


Protect yourself and others by reporting incidents

If you, a neighbour, or someone else you know is being affected by doorstep traders, call the Trading Standards Rapid Response line on 07903 852 090

If the cold caller is persistent and refuses to leave, you can call the Police on 999 

Contact Citizens Advice for help and advice on 0808 223 1133 or the Citizens Advice website

Bromley Trading Standards

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Bromley Trading Standards also runs a fair-trader directory to help you find a safe, reliable trader that you can trust. Visit to learn more.

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