With a majority in Bromley and Biggin Hill, Conservative Party member Peter Fortune will now serve as the new constituency's MP.

His victory came by just 300 votes after polling closed on July 4.

The total turnout for this election in Bromley and Biggin Hill was 46,971 votes, and Mr Fortune received 15,929 votes.

Mr Fortune MP said: “I am so proud of the people of Bromley.

“We need to reflect on what we lacked from a Conservative Party.”

Volunteers began counting the votes at 10pm yesterday (Thursday, July 4) when the polls closed.

Who were the candidates?

Conservative Party – Peter Fortune

Labour Party – Oana Olaru-Holmes

Liberal Democrats – Julie Ireland

Reform UK – Alan Cook

Green Party – Caroline Sandes

Climate Party – Karen Miller

A breakdown of the results:

Conservative Party – 15,929

Labour Party – 15,627

Liberal Democrats – 4,352

Reform UK – 8,203

Green Party – 2,583

Climate Party – 94


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