Hayes – A great place to live

We often say Hayes is a great place to live. But, what do we mean by that? Is it a great place to live?

Recently I asked this question on our Facebook group and Hayes Life. I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback that I received from a considerable number of you.

I felt that it was worth sharing with you all and so I have laid out the responses which can be seen below.

It seems that Hayes is a great place to live.


Jason Neo

A real community feel. It really does feel like a family in Hayes people always happy to take the time to talk , to help and to listen. That may be more than one thing

Simona Boi

We are considering of moving to Hayes so I’m going to follow this post

Pankaj Handique

A great sense of community. I know pretty much the whole street where I live and I’ve only been here 2 years. Lovely neighbours, amazing local high street and greens all around!!

Geoff Bullock

Nice neighbours, countryside on your doorstep, Real Ale Way, easy to get into London, Hayes Get a Life and the continual argument about Kent or London.

Frances Alushani

I love Hayes because all the amenities are close by but we are surrounded by Commons, Farmland, woodland and the countryside is close by.

Stuart Howe

Lived here 40 years and still love Hayes. Retains a village atmosphere whilst benefiting from all the amenities of neighbouring London and with beautiful countryside on our doorstep.

Paul Munday

50 years in Hayes next year (well Hayesford Park at the moment) via a couple of small forays outside the area. Have travelled to Africa,Asia,South America and Bognor Regis but always love it when I come back to Hayes. I love the history – Prime Ministers, large banking families, record breakers, Hayes Place, St Mary’s, the anti aircraft defence on the common. I love the countryside – the common, the numerous parks, the farm, the green spaces dotted around the streets. I love the organisations and events – May Queen, the Royal British Legion, the Millenium Fayre, plants sales. I love Old Hayes, New Hayes. I love the fact my niece goes to the same primary school I went to in 1977.

Yes, I think I quite like Hayes

Aliye Nafi

My partner and I moved here in December. We love everything about Hayes. 2 fab high streets with loads of places to eat. 2 fab pubs that have been going for years. 2 very lovely little parks to go walking in. We love wildlife too so also like going for walks round the farms and in the woods. Looking forward to bringing our children up here too with Hayes primary and secondary up the road.

So lucky xxx

London Tube Scaffolding

Safe and polite and not to posh great people

David Carter

I think we are a village of people that care about each other and our surroundings,we are very fortunate to be in the centre of lovely countryside, but close to good railway and bus links,we have lived in Hayes since 1979, and worked in the area since the mid 1960,s,my wife worked at Hayes Junior school for over 25 years so has seen children grow up and now walk their own children to school,we have wonderful memories thank you to the people of Hayes !.

Linda Brown

I LOVE Hayes! Lived here for almost 50 years and I too have some amazing memories of my children being brought up here. Yes, it’s changed a lot over the years – but I still love living here. Thankfully, there is still a Village feel in the community – and people who care about each other and want to help each other. The first lockdown proved that – as well as the local Facebook groups with lots of local people looking out for each other. Location is ideal….and I feel very blessed to still be living here!

Jan Wood

Community spirit village atmosphere masses of green spaces in every direction quiet neighbourhoods but in half an hour you can be in the best city in the world…

Debra Valentine

Proud to live in Hayes.It has always suited my lifestyle,when l was a young mum and now as a retiree.Home of Bigfoot Cycling Club where l have made many friends.

Rachel Moss

We’ve just bought a house in Hayes & everyone seems so friendly

Victoria Younger

Very green lots of parks and open spaces, great transports links, a lovely middle ground between London and the Countryside, excellent schools, independent shops, friendly neighbours

Karina Witchell

Excellent location for good schools, parks, woods, shops, train stations and good bus routes.

Annette Wilks

People actually stay hello and smile while your on a walk. Lived in Hayes for last 35 years lots of changes so good some bad but people are lovely.

Karen Taylor

A village history… farm, church, old school building, roads named after the developers, family history of London bankers that commuted.

John Robinson

Right next to the countryside, right next to the city. An ideal blend.

Claire OGrady

The community spirit when Covid hit. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of my neighbours. I’m an ICU nurse and I truly appreciated every action – big and small.

Biddles Cass

You have to woods- and then trains to London- and a 119 twenty four hour bus to East Croydon where it takes a guaranteed 17 mins to Gatwick

Hayes village has some of the best restaurants and independent shops

Michael Burnstead

Community spirit and pleasant environment, ideally situated near edge of London and countryside, but with good city access.

Steve Starsky Clark

Was born in Beckenham but moved there when I was 7 ..my whole childhood was in Hayes and I adored it …I’m now 55 and still love the place even though I now live in Dartford

Caroline Jacobs

a rustic rural jewel that blends the 21st century with traditional cultures and charm that is full of history and memories.

Leo Mansell

Great schools

Michael Burnstead

I’ve really enjoyed reading this and hope to see more comments.

Have only lived here 18 months but feel very settled.

Lovely to see such a positive thread with people obviously proud of where they live.

Andy Smith

Opportunity. You can be whatever you want, every trade is represented (either by going north to London, south to the countryside, east to the docks and sea). It’s all right here.

Steve White

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