Hayes and Coney Hall Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter

February 2021

Hayes and Coney Hall Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter

Hayes and Coney Hall SNT:

PC Dan Byrne 3385SN

PCSO Adam Lighterness 7123SN

Telephone: 0208 649 3548 / 07921 0647413

Email – snmailbox-hayesandconeyhallsnt@met.police.uk

Website – www.met.police.uk/a/your-area/met/bromley/hayes-and-coney-hall/

Twitter – @MPSHayes 

Nextdoor – Bromley Police

Please note these are not monitored 24/7. In an emergency please call 999 or if the matter is non urgent but requires a police response please dial 101.

The borough priority is to reduce MOPAC 7 crimes. The MOPAC 7 priority crimes are crimes which have an impact on victims, they are Burglary, Criminal Damage, Robbery, Theft from a motor vehicle, Theft from a person, Theft of motor vehicle and Violence with an injury.

For more information visit:


Our Promises to you.

We set our promises at our regular Ward Panel Meetings where we meet with representatives from the community to discuss what the local priorities are.

1. Patrol Chilham Way, especially at weekends and evenings, to combat Anti Social Behaviour and drug issues.

2. Tackle ASB at the rear of Station Approach car park. We target our patrols and use powers available to combat these issues.

3. Targeting ASB on Wickham Common involving issues around fires and off-road bikes. Mobile patrols carried out in the area when available.

Team News

What has the team been up to?

So, we are now in our third (and, hopefully, last) lockdown since the Covid-19 virus first arrived on these shores over a year ago. Whilst we appear to be in a much more promising position than we were before Christmas we cannot afford to be complacent and must remain vigilant and respectful of the guidelines.

To reiterate the governments main advice: Stay at home.

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (if you cannot work from home).
  • If you go outside, stay two metres (6ft.) away from other people at all times
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home.
  • It is against the law to meet socially with family or friends unless they are part of your household or support bubble. You cannot leave home for recreational or leisure purposes (such as for a picnic or a social meeting).
  • Wearing a face covering is now mandatory for many indoor settings such as shops and public transport).

There are a number of reasons why you can leave the house:

  • Shopping locally for basic necessities, such as food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible (recommended as once a week).
  • One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household and done locally.
  • Any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
  • Travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home.

If you want to report any breaches of the government guidelines then please use the link below: https://www.met.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/c19/tell-us-about-possible-breach-coronavirus-measures/

If you need more information on the guidelines then please use the following link:


The vast majority of people on the ward have been observant of these guidelines and most people have just got on with things. We have had to issue a small number of fines for situations such as house parties / gatherings and not wearing face coverings but I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone else for following the guidelines and making our job that bit easier. Hopefully in the next few months we will see most of the restrictions eased as vaccinations take effect and the infection rate drops. We will keep you up to date with the latest rules as the situation develops.

Last month we received some information relating to drugs supply coming from a particular address on the ward. PC Byrne led a team into investigating this information and this led to a raid on the address and further venues in Lewisham and Hastings with more information being passed on to our colleagues in Dublin and France! A 27-year-old man was arrested for intent to supply and a significant amount of drugs and money have been seized so far.

The investigation is ongoing as further information has been uncovered and further addresses are being looked at both locally and further afield. This is an excellent example of how one piece of information which someone may believe “may be nothing” actually leads to a whole heap of something!

Please remember that we look at and assess each piece of information that we are given and will progress as much as we can. There will be further developments regarding the job above and I will keep you updated as soon as I am able to.

General Crime Overview

I have included a short table of the main since the beginning of the year. In total we had 46 recorded crimes in November, 50 in December and 39 in January

 November 2020    
Theft Of Motor Vehicle3
Theft from Motor Vehicle5
Criminal Damage5
Vehicle Damage1

November 2020

Burglaries (Residential) (5): Kechill Gardens (X2), Kingsway, Letchworth Drive, Mounthurst Road

Burglary (Non-Residential) (2): George Lane, Station Approach

Theft of Motor Vehicle (3): Croydon Road, Coney Hall Road, Letchworth Drive

Theft from Motor Vehicle (5):  Addington Road, Everard Avenue, Mounthurst Road, Croydon Road, Gates Green Road

 December 2020    
Theft Of Motor Vehicle1
Theft from Motor Vehicle7
Criminal Damage6
Vehicle Damage0

December 2020

Burglaries (Residential) (6): Coney Hill Road, Deer Park Way, Kingsway (Att.), Hayesford Park Drive, Queensway, Addington Road

Theft of Motor Vehicle (1): Mead Way

Theft from Motor Vehicle (7): Everard Avenue, Hayes Street, West Common Road, Saville Row, Burwood Avenue, Fair Acres, Hurstdene Avenue

 January 2021    
Theft Of Motor Vehicle5
Theft from Motor Vehicle4
Criminal Damage2
Vehicle Damage3

January 2021

Burglaries (Residential) (3): Mounthurst Road, Chestnut Avenue, Warren Wood Close

Burglaries (Non-residential) (2): Pickhurst Lane, Kingsway

Theft of Motor Vehicle (5): Kechill Gardens, Chatham Avenue, Pondfield Road, Hurstdene Avenue, Hayes Lane

Theft from Motor Vehicle (4): Lennard Avenue, Pittsmead Avenue, Cherry Walk, Pondfield Road

Crime Prevention Advice

Please be aware of a vaccination scam doing the rounds. This is emailed to someone saying that you are eligible for a Covid-19 vaccination. It then urges you to click on a link which should take you through to another screen where you enter your details and pay for a jab. Please delete if you receive one of these items. Anyone eligible for a vaccination will be contacted by your GP or, if you are a keyworker, your employer.

One key giveaway with these emails is that they have originated from a random email address and not an official organisation. i.e. some examples include “bigjay1986” “Fizzgigg49” and “arsenalfc”! Please remember – vaccinations are not paid for by yourselves and delivered only by the NHS. DO NOT part with any money to anyone who says that they can get one for you. Please help us to spread the word, especially amongst those most vulnerable in the community

We have also received reports of the HMRC scam doing the rounds again via email or ‘phone call. These people try to convince you that you owe the taxman money and need to pay immediately or the police will be kicking your door in, post haste!

Another variation of this is when you receive a call saying that you have had money taken from your bank account or credit card and the “officer” calling wants you to help with the investigation by withdrawing money from your account to be collected. This will then expose the corrupt member of staff! Needless to say, this is all nonsense and should be ignored. Put the ‘phone down and dial 101 to report or report via our website.

There have also been a number of antivrus renewal emails going around saying that you need to update your antivirus or be exposed to immediate risk as well as emails saying that there is a problem with your provider and you should click the link straight away to arrange a solution. Please don’t. Only communicate directly with your respective providers on subjects like this. Please also remember to check the address of the sender of the email as well as these are usually a dead giveaway and need to be blocked.

We have also had the infamous Nottingham knockers back in the area this week trying to sell their wares door to door. If they come to your road please call 101 and let us know as well. Quite often when they come to an area there are lots of reports of bad behaviour and often criminal damage so we always like to meet up with them when they visit!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, either by ‘phone on 020 8649 3548, email snmailbox-hayesandconeyhallsnt@met.police.uk or tweet – @MPSHayes.  We are also active on the Nextdoor app. under Bromley Police where you can message us directly.

In an emergency please always dial 999. For anything you would consider a non-emergency please use 101

Please remember that the only operational police station on Bromley borough is Bromley itself.

You can also report crime on 101 or online via Twitter @MetCC or on the Met’s website at www.met.police.uk 

Stay safe and thank you for all of your support,


Other useful numbers:

Bromley Council – 020 8464 3333

Bromley Waste and recycling – 0300 303 8658

Bromley Trading Standards – 07903 852090

Womens Aid domestic violence hotline – 0808 200 0247

Galop – Support for LGBT+ victims of domestic violence – 0800 999 5428 / help@galop.org.uk

Mankind – Support for male victims of domestic violence – 01823 334244  / mankind.org.uk

Stalking hotline – 0808 802 0300

True Honour Honour based violence/abuse helpline – 07480 621711

Action Fraud – 0300 303 8658

Samaritans – 116 123 (works from any ‘phone)

Shout (Mental health hotline) – Text 85258

The Mix (Support for under 25’s) – 0808 808 4994