Hayes and Coney Hall SNT

Dear residents, I just wanted to alert you to the fact that we have had several cold callers in the area recently, particularly on the Hayesford Park estate but also elsewhere in the area.

This has taken the form of people been touting for construction work or claiming to be representing a particular company doing surveys in the area. The people are very vague in what they are representing but seem very eager to gain access to a property and say they can’t show ID properly due to COVID restrictions and social distancing.

Last weekend there was a group who was trying to gain access to a residents property claiming that they had been sent to do work on her house by a relative. This was all nonsense and luckily other neighbours were on hand to deter them but it is still concerning that this happened; particularly as the group became confrontational.

Our advice is to never buy goods or services at the door and if you are looking to get some work done to your property, use a service such as Check-a-trade to find a reputable company. If you are suspicious of people in the area please give us a call on 020 8649 3548 to see if we are on duty or, if you have been threatened or intimidated by callers, please dial 999 for a more immediate response. You can also speak to our colleagues at Bromley trading standards rapid response unit on 07903 852090 who do excellent work in the area.

Many thanks,

Adam Lighterness
Hayes and Coney Hall SNT
West Wickham Police Office
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West Wickham
Kent BR4 0LP
Mobile: 020 8649 3548
E-Mail: snmailbox-ayesandconeyhallsnt@met.police.uk 
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