Hayes Book of Remembrance

HVA would like to set up a Remembrance and Celebration Book for those in Hayes that have lost their life due to coronavirus or should be remembered for the outstanding contribution they have made at this time of tragedy.

Our initial thought is that people could send us a photograph, name and message, which would then be turned into a Remembrance Book to be ‘published’ online at the HVA website ( please see http://hkva.org.uk/hva-review-241-spring-2020/ for an example – no advertisers though!).

If you would like to be a part of this, have ideas or contributions, please email me at chair.hva:gmail.com

There’s no rush as we are thinking of ‘publishing’ this around Christmas time but could do it earlier and then update it as further contributions are received.

Get in touch with Steve White on our Contact Us page

Thank you for your help and participation.