HKVA Constitution

  1. NAME The name of the Association shall be the Hayes (Kent) Village Association, hereinafter referred to as HKVA.
  2. AIMS & OBJECTIVES The aims and objectives of HKVA shall be:
    To represent and promote the interests of all residents, organisations and businesses.
    To seek to improve conditions for residents, organisations and businesses.
    To work in partnership with the local authority and other agencies to achieve our aims.
    To represent the interests of residents, organisations and businesses in consultation with the local authority and other bodies.
    To foster social and charitable activities.
    To produce a quarterly Review and maintain a presence on the Internet.
    Non-party political and non-sectarian.
    All adult residents, organisations and businesses in the BR2 7 postcode area together with those who, in the opinion of the Committee, take an active part in the affairs of the local area are deemed to be members of HKVA.
    All members shall have voting rights on all issues raised at general meetings that they attend.
    Each eligible person shall on request be supplied with a copy of the Constitution
    Life Associate status may be conferred upon certain deserving individuals. Nominations for Life Associate status should be made in writing to the Chair and signed by three Committee Members. These nominations will be considered first by a panel of a minimum of five Officers of HKVA using at least two of the following criteria.
    A minimum of twelve years’ service on the Committee.
    A minimum of six years as an officer of the Committee.
    The provision of exceptional services to HKVA or the local community.
    All successful nominations meeting the necessary criteria shall be passed to the full Committee for a vote and then ratified at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).
    Notwithstanding the above criteria, any person who qualifies within the terms of 3 above can be nominated and submitted for approval under the above rules.
    All Life Associates will be entitled to a free subscription to HKVA Review.
    HKVA will be run by a Committee of up to 21 members elected at an AGM. The Committee will comprise up to eight Officers, who shall be President, up to three Vice Presidents, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Ordinary Committee Members. Each Committee Member will serve a term of three years renewable by re-election.
    The Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees who will report to the main committee.  Meetings of any sub-committee shall be conducted freely but on the broad principles of a Committee
    Where a casual vacancy (or vacancies) arises on the Committee, it/they will be filled by election at the next General Meeting of HKVA. If it occurs mid-term the Committee may co-opt a new member to the Committee until the next AGM.
    Committee members are required to attend a minimum of five committee meetings each year. Those who miss more than three consecutive meetings without giving reasonable apologies will be asked to resign from their post.
    A member of the Committee may be removed or suspended from their post if they bring the good name of HKVA into disrepute. A full meeting of the Committee will be called to consider evidence from all sides and a majority vote will be necessary to remove or suspend.
    An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of HKVA shall be held once a year (normally in April and within 13 months of the last AGM).
    Notice of the meeting must be distributed at least 14 days in advance. Notice of any meeting is considered to be served if the date is published online and on all HKVA noticeboards in Hayes.
    The local councillors should be invited to the AGM. The quorum for any AGM or Special General Meeting (SGM) will be 20 members. At the meeting:
    The minutes of the previous AGM will be presented and approved.
    The Secretary and Chair will present their respective reports of HKVA’s activities in the past year. The Treasurer will present the inspected accounts for the year.
    The existing Committee Members due for re-election will stand down.
    Candidates for the relevant vacancies of President, Vice President, Committee Members and Officers for the next three years will be elected or re-elected.
    Any proposals for Life Associate status will be considered.
    Any proposals to amend the Constitution must be presented to the Secretary in writing at least 21 days before the meeting at which they are to be considered.
    Proposals to amend the Constitution must be made available to all members of HKVA with the notice of the meeting.
    The Secretary should receive nominations in writing for the Committee and Officers, signed by the nominee, proposer and seconder, at least seven days before the meeting.
    SGMs may be called at any time to alter the Constitution or to consider any matter which needs the immediate attention of all members.
    SGMs shall be called either at the written request of at least six members of HKVA or if a Committee Meeting decides by a simple majority that it is necessary or advisable.
    At least 14 days’ notice of any SGM will be given to members in the usual manner, stating the reason(s) for holding the meeting.
    All matters for a decision will be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting.
    The business of HKVA shall be conducted at Committee Meetings, which shall be open to all Committee members.
    At least seven days’ notice of Committee meetings will be given to all members of the Committee.
    The quorum for Committee meetings shall be nine.
    All matters for a decision will be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting.
    No member shall have more than one vote, except in a tied vote when the Chair will have the casting vote.
    Minutes or notes must be kept of all meetings of HKVA. The minutes will be presented to the next meeting to be approved. The minutes may be made available to any member of HKVA upon request.
    All Committee Members will be expected to treat each other with respect and act in a courteous manner at HKVA meetings and The Chair may ask members to leave if their behaviour is disruptive or offensive. In the case of gross misconduct, the Committee may invoke 4 e to remove the Member from the Committee.
    All money raised by or on behalf of HKVA shall be applied to cover the running costs of HKVA and the achievement of the aims and objectives of HKVA and for no other purpose.
    The Treasurer shall keep a proper account of the finances of HKVA and shall maintain bank/building society accounts in the name of HKVA or HVA and keep copies of all relevant invoices and receipts to support expenditure and income.
    The Committee will nominate at least three people who can sign cheques. These people must not live in the same household, or be close family members. The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping all signatories on the account(s) accurate and up to date should any signatory leave or stand down.
    The Committee is responsible for the proper use of money raised.
    Authorisation for levels of expenditure will be agreed upon by the Committee at the first Committee meeting after the AGM and recorded in the minutes.
    Personal expenses will be reimbursed by HKVA providing the Member submits details together with all relevant receipts on the prescribed expense claim form to the Treasurer.
    The accounts comprising a detailed income and expenditure account by type of income/cost and a balance sheet shall be inspected by a competent person nominated by the committee at least once per year. The year-end is 31 January.
    The property of HKVA shall be vested in the President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary or any two of them.
    Any proposals to amend the Constitution must be presented to the Secretary in writing at least 21 days before the general meeting at which they are to be considered.
    Proposals to amend the Constitution must be made available in the usual way to all members of HKVA with the notice of the meeting.
    Suppose the Committee decides at any time by a simple majority that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve HKVA. In that case, the officers shall call a general meeting of all members, giving at least 14 days’ notice and stating the terms of the dissolution resolution to be proposed at the meeting. A resolution to dissolve HKVA shall be agreed upon by a majority of those present and voting. Wherever possible outstanding bills will be paid. Any balance of funds held by HKVA will be donated to a local charity or charities to be chosen at the dissolution meeting.

29th November 2023

Hayes (Kent) Village Association

The Association was founded in 1933 to protect the interests of residents and preserve the local amenities.

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