Hayes (Kent) Village Association

An objection made to a planning application. Application SummaryAddress: 1 – 3 Station Approach Hayes Bromley BR2 7EQ

Proposal: Installation of 20m high monopole supporting communications apparatus and 3No.equipment housing cabinets at ground-level, ancillary works thereto.|cr|(56 DAY CONSULTATION BY CORNERSTONE AND TELEFONICA UK LIMITED REGARDING THE NEED FOR APPROVAL OF SITING AND APPEARANCE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT).

Case Officer: Lawrence Stannard

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Commenter Type: Residents Association

Stance: Customer objects to the Planning ApplicationReasons for comment: – ObjectionComments: Whilst Hayes (Kent) Village Association fully understands the need to meet the increasing requirements for telecommunications infrastructure, the Association opposes this application for the following reasons. Under Section 10 of the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework published in February 2019, it is stated “Use of existing masts, buildings and other structures for new electronic communications capability (including wireless) should be encouraged.” The applicant has not provided any evidence to show that this requirement has been complied with. This Section continues ” Where new sites are required……equipment should be sympathetically designed and camouflaged where appropriate.” The application for this monopole does not comply with this stipulation. The proposed siting for this monopole is in a prominent position, it will be approximately 10m above the neighbouring rooftops and double the height of existing buildings. It will dominate the skyline and will be clearly visible in many parts of Hayes. It is evident from the side elevation drawings attached to this application that this monopole has been designed for extra equipment to be attached in addition to the unsightly antennas located at the top of the structure. Reference is made to a lower headframe for future antennas and equipment and proposed MW dishes. Further and better information is required to be submitted with this application specifying exactly what the additional equipment will consist of, and how this will impact the design of the monopole