In just a few short months, the London Mayoral elections will be in full swing.

The current Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan will be hoping to win a third time against the Conservatives Susan Hall and the Liberal Democrats Rob Blackie to name a few.

However, before voting kicks off on May 2, there are a few key things any Londoner should know about the role of the London Mayor.

From how long a term lasts, to how many times a Mayor can be re-elected, this is what to know about the role.

The role of the Mayor of London does not have a limit on how many terms you can serve.

Since Londoners began to vote for the role in 2000, the capital has only had three Mayors.

They are: Ken Livingstone (2000-2008), Boris Johnson (2008-2016) and Sadiq Khan (2016-present).

All have served eight years, however, as there is no limit on how long a Mayor can serve, their time as Mayor could’ve lasted even longer.

How many times can a Mayor of London be re-elected?

As there is no limit on how long a Mayor can serve, there is also no limit on the number of times a candidate can be re-elected into the role.

That means, that if Sadiq Khan wins his third time in the role, it would be record-breaking and see him become the longest-serving elected Mayor.

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