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Husseywell Open Space & The Knoll

Both Husseywell Open Space, also known as Husseywell Park and The Knoll were formerly part of the estate of Hayes Place, and probably established as parkland around 1755; by 1767 what is now Husseywell Open Space and pond were well established. The 1st edition OS Map of 1871 shows the area as farmland. When the Hayes Place Estate began to be developed for housing in the 1930s, local Cllr Percy Jones argued for some land to remain public open space, which eventually resulted in the creation of Husseywell Recreation Ground and The Knoll.

The park is open from 7.30 am weekdays/9 am Sat/Sun/BHs – a half an hour after dusk.

Husseywell Park

Husseywell Park (also known as Husseywell Open Space) is a small public park in the middle of Hayes. It has a beautiful pond and a small play area. The playground has the unique addition of having brightly coloured flooring. [TAGS: South London, Bromley, parks, woodland, trees, wild, rural, steps, stairs, green space, spaces, thicket, wilderness, secluded, quiet] For more information call us on the number below or email info@bromleyfilmoffice.co.uk.

The Knoll

The Knoll is a secluded recreation ground with many trees, some veteran, and several lakes with interesting aquatic flora and breeding waterfowl.

Hayes Library Gardens (Hayes Old Rectory Gardens).

Compact garden with a branch Library in the centre. The Library was formally the Rectory for St. Mary’s Parish Church.

The site was laid out as a public park in 1906 and forms a compact garden with a rose garden and tennis courts around the library. The garden has flowers, rose and shrub beds, with laurel hedges on the boundaries. The walls on the street side are topped with iron railings and there are matching ornamental iron gates.

The largely level site was the garden of the former rectory, now Hayes Public Library, and retains little of its pre-municipal character: specimen conifers including Wellingtonia and yews. Other specimen trees include three acacias and a group of three limes to the front.

The gardens are open from 7.30 am weekdays/9 am Sat/Sun/BHs – a half an hour after dusk.

Hayes Common

Hayes Common is a 79-Hectare area of public open land in Hayes in the London Borough of Bromley. It is owned and managed by Bromley Council.

It is a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation, and a small area is part of the Keston and Hayes Commons Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The common is an area of woodland and heath, crossed by bridleways and footpaths. Hayes Common is one of the largest areas of common land in Greater London, with 91.1ha of protected commons. 

History Archaeological excavations have revealed pieces from the late Neolithic period and ditches, pits and post holes dating back to the Bronze Age.

The name Hayes is recorded from 1177 as Hoese from the Anglo-Saxon meaning “a settlement in open land overgrown with shrubs and rough bushes”.

The common was used for centuries as a place where local people could collect firewood and graze cattle, and by the early nineteenth century, it was the site of the Hayes Fair, a popular day out for Londoners.

The common has also been the venue for the crowning of the London May Queen for 105 years as of 2017. 

In the 1860s the owner of the land, Sir John Lennard, began to sell off plots in the neighbouring West Wickham Common for housing and the Hayes commoners feared that their common would suffer the same fate. They organised opposition, and in 1869 Hayes Common was the first common to be protected against enclosure under the Metropolitan Commons Act 1866.

In 1937 the Municipal Borough of Bromley became the freeholder of the common, and when the Municipal Borough was abolished in 1965 the London Borough of Bromley inherited ownership.

In 2000, the Friends of Hayes Common (FoHC) was formed to help maintain the common.

Pickhurst Park

This lovely park includes a charming pirate-themed children’s playground a large area of mown grass complete with a few goalposts.

This park connects to Pickhurst Green and the associated allotments.

Husseywell Park
Knoll Park
Hayes Library Gardens
Hayes Common
Pickhurst Park

The Hayes (Kent) Village Association was founded in 1933 to protect the interests of residents and preserve the local amenities.


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