London Wildlife Trust to create butterfly havens in Bromley

OVER the next two years the London Wildlife Trust will create new homes for butterflies and insects in Bromley and Croydon through the creation and restoration of chalk grassland, a rare and threatened habitat many species thrive in.

London Wildlife Trust, Butterfly Conservation and the Natural History Museum will be working together with volunteers to create chalk grassland ‘Living Landscapes’ that will come alive with butterflies, wildflowers and insects.

Up to 40 new butterfly havens will be created on and adjacent to existing London Wildlife Trust reserves as well as in community green spaces in south Croydon and Bromley such as housing estates, parks and road verges.

This will enable residents to experience a snapshot of chalk grassland habitat, and the diversity of species it supports, in everyday places.

Mathew Frith, director of Conservation at London Wildlife Trust, said: “Not only will we be able to create new havens for butterflies, beetles and bees within our nature reserves, but we can bring nature closer to the communities that live nearby by transforming green spaces into colourful wildflower spaces.”