Did you know that all Public Rights of Way must be officially recorded by 1st January 2026, after this deadline, access to Footpaths and Bridleways could sadly be lost forever, and this includes the many routes throughout Hayes and Bromley Common.

In order to raise awareness, a national campaign, www.ramblers.org.uk/has been set up urging the public to help preserve their local routes, so if you Cycle, Ride a Horse or Walk locally, and would like to know if any of the routes you use are already recorded, you can check the bromley.gov.uk website for the public rights of way map.

There are many Public Right of Ways still to be recorded or registered correctly on Bromley Councils Definitive Map, make sure you don’t lose your way!

For a form, map and more information on how to help, join us on Facebook at lostways 2026, or email lostways2026@hotmail.com