We met with our local councillors, Cllr. Josh Coldspring-White and Cllr. Alexa Michael, today to discuss issues in Hayes.

We covered the following topics:

  • Our local councillors will attend the HKVA Annual General Meeting on 4th April at 8:00 pm at Hayes Village Hall to hold a Q&A session.
  • Josh Coldspring-White is negotiating for somewhere to hold a surgery, probably on the third Saturday.
  • The application for funding for Chilham Way shops has been submitted. This will provide for replacement park benches, noticeboards, Planters & Hanging Baskets. They are also going to investigate providing better lighting to the square.
  • I asked about installing park benches on the green bordered by Pittsmead Avenue and Chatham Avenue and Cllr. Alexa Michael will look into it.
  • Negotiations on the future of the Churchill Theatre are ongoing. There is a pledge that the theatre will remain.
  • Councillors are working on two major initiatives:
    A Bank Hub in the Station Approach street;
    A Business Improvement District would likely cover Station Approach, Hayes Street, Chilham Way, Hayes, Croydon Road and Kingsway, Coney Hall.
  • There will be a public meeting of the Bromley Council on 26th February at 7:00 pm to discuss forthcoming budgets.
  • Our local councillors will be invited to attend the Hayes Fair on 9th June 2024 from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm at The Warren.
  • News that Sir Bob Neill MP will not seek re-election at the next General Election.
  • The councillor’s new website, https://hayesandconeyhallcllrs.com/ is near completion.
  • The clock in Hayes Street is not lit at night. Cllr. Alexa Michael will follow up on this.

Our next meeting will be on 2nd March 2024. If you have any issues you would like HKVA to discuss with our councillors contact me via our website, https://hkva.org.uk/, 


Hayes (Kent) Village Association

The Association was founded in 1933 to protect the interests of residents and preserve the local amenities.

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