Minutes of the Hayes Village Association AGM 2020

Held Online at 8.15pm on Thursday 14 May 2020

PRESENT:  Charles Wimble in the Chair, the President, 15 members of the Committee, Councillor Graham Arthur, Jean Wilson, Lyn Brown, Helen Lightoller, Pauline Muggridge

The Chairman welcomed everyone to this unusual AGM and asked that people put their hand up before speaking.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Alan Williams, Janet and John Thompson, Hazel Davey, Sheraz Khwaja, Linda Gabriel

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING held on 11 April 2019 were accepted and signed.

MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES:  There were no matters arising.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:  Presented by Diana Taylor

Here are some of the many issues with which your committee has been involved in the past year. Please make sure you read The Review, look at our website hkva.org.uk and Facebook page Hayes (Kent) Village Association, to keep in touch with what is going on in Hayes and we thank Susy Bramer who runs the Hayes Life Facebook for also publishing details about our events.

Front Garden Competition: organised by Helen Best. Unfortunately, we cannot now present the winners of the 2019 competition with their awards tonight but they will be delivered to them. The 2020 competition has been cancelled due to Covid 19.

Christmas Tree Festival: Thanks to Janet and John; the proceeds from the event totalling more than £3200 were donated to Bromley District Talking News.

HVA Snow Friends: They help to clear pavements during the snowy spells. If you’d like to help your neighbours please contact Kate Head or look up snow friends on the council website.

Our Website: Thanks to Steve White for reorganising our website hkva.org.uk and also, this year, for recreating the Hayes (Kent) Village Association Facebook page which now has approaching 500 members. Messages can be sent to HVA via the website or you can use it to publish your organisations or events. The HVA Review is also published online.

Easter Egg Hunt: Unfortunately this year’s event was cancelled due to the lockdown.

75th Anniversary VE Day: Janet and John Thompson created a display for the event on the Village Hall notice board and decorated the garden. The flag donated by HVA was also raised. Oliver Pereira and British Legion friends put up flags around Hayes and a great many of the residents on lockdown were able to hold social distancing street parties.

Parking around Hayes Station: We are grateful that the council has tidied up the area around Hayes Station, providing extra parking spaces and an easier crossing place for commuters.

20mph speed limit: The council is taking measures to improve road safety and intend to introduce 20mph speed limits around Hayes School and Hayes Primary. With schools, pre-schools and a busy station we are particularly concerned with the difficulties of crossing local roads.

We have also alerted the council about several other road safety issues: The Pickhurst Lane/Station Approach zebra crossing where cars often fail to stop for pedestrians; the speeding along Bourne Vale, lack of pavement and the parking of cars in West Common Road and parking problems outside the Pickhurst Schools. The council have yet to take any specific action.

Police We are very grateful to our Safer Neighbourhood Team for their commitment to regular patrols around Hayes. In particular around Chilham Way Shops and Hayes Car Parks to check for anti-social behaviour and drug dealing. It is great that in response to an appeal in Hayes Life, there is now CCTV in Station Approach. Kate Head attends the police forums.

Bakerloo Line: Members of the committee have attended consultations about the possibility of extending the Bakerloo Line to Hayes. The extension to Lewisham is now expected to go ahead, with the extension to Hayes, a possibility for the future.

We intended to have a member of the TfL consultation team in attendance at our AGM but this was not possible.

Footpaths around Hayes Farm: The committee is concerned that Rookery Estates, which manages the Hayes Farm land have been blocking footpaths which have been used by generations of residents either for recreation or for access to schools and other parts of Hayes, Keston or Bromley. A Facebook Group, Lostways 2026 has been formed to try to register these paths as rights of way. Residents of Hayes are urged to join this group and ask for maps and evidence forms so that they can assist in these applications.


Hayes Christmas Lights: Hayes Lights committee are grateful to the HVA for their assistance in advertising and funding blue bows which have been used throughout Hayes to demonstrate support for the NHS / key workers during the COVID 19 lockdown.  Donations of over £5000 have been made to support charities connected with the PRU. Donations can be made via the following link: Gofundme/Hayes Christmas Lights Committee

We thank the Hayes Lights Committee, with new Chair Ashley Hewett-Brown, for their efforts in lighting up Hayes over Christmas 2019. They hope to hold the 2020 event on 21 November subject to getting sufficient funding to pay for the Lights.

The Friends of Hayes Common: are grateful for the continued financial support of the HVA via an annual grant of £300.

Friends of Hayes Parks: The Friends regularly meet to work in our parks and gardens and do a fantastic job gardening and litter picking. Diana Taylor – Secretary


Year end accounts prepared by Allan Farrar, and presented by Gill Jaynes.  Gill asked if anyone had any questions.  None were raised and the accounts were proposed and seconded.  Gill thanked Alan Farrer, who is standing down as Auditor, for his hard work and support over the years.


As I come to the end of my second three year tenure as Chairman, I can look back at the way the Association has evolved these last few years. We have tried to bring ourselves more up to date with modern technology. The new HVA website, thanks to Steve White is full of very useful and, even more importantly, up to date information.

Our quarterly Review has been enlarged and is now available to read on-line. In the current circumstances, we could not ask Road Reps to deliver the Spring edition so this was only published online. This does have the advantage that the information it contains is totally up to date and there is not a three or four week lead time between the copy being sent to the printers and the printed version reaching the residents of Hayes. Indeed we will be considering publishing online only for some time in the future.

In these uncertain times we have also been able to hold online committee and subcommittee meetings, something that would not even have been possible a few years ago.

I thank the committee for their time and efforts over the past three years, they do a sterling job. I particularly would like to thank two ladies who have been officers of the committee, Gill Jaynes retires as treasurer tonight after six years and Diana Taylor, our secretary is stepping down after sterling service for over twenty years. Diana has also decided to leave the committee but she will remain very much as part of the Hayes Lights committee. We thank them both for all they have done for the Association. A token of the committee’s appreciation for Diana’s work is being delivered to Diana tomorrow.

Committees such as ours tend to get older and older but we are lucky to have gained several new, younger members to take us forward under the new chairman, Steve White and I look forward to working with them in the next few years.

Charles Wimble – Chairman

ELECTION OF OFFICERS 2019:  majority in favour on all counts

Election of President  & Vice presidents for one year:

President: Beryl Grimani-Harrold

Vice Presidents: Pat Grimani, Peter Harrold, Alan Williams

Election of Committee Members for three years:   Pam Anderson, Helen Best, Christine Maddy, Oliver Pereira, Mary Forrest, Peter McQueen

Election of Chairman & Vice Chairman for one year:

Chairman: Steve White

Vice Chairman: Charles Wimble

Election of Honorary Officers for 3 years

Secretary: Pam Anderson

Treasurer: Peter McQueen

Appointment of Hon Auditor for one year:  Charles Wimble

Appointment of Hon Legal Advisor for one year:  Linda Gabriel

Election of Life Members:  Diana Taylor, John Thompson, Janet Thompson, Charles Wimble


Beryl Grimani-Harrold thanked Charles Wimble for his support and hard work during his time as Chairman of the HVA.  

Steve White thanked Pam Anderson and Peter McQueen for agreeing to take on their new responsibilities.  Brian McEwan replied in support of this

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.25pm