New Addington resident builds a 20-foot tree of lights

A London bus driver has erected a 20-foot Christmas tree of lights, outside his home in New Addington.

Khublall (Vish) Lochan, 37, wanted to bring cheer to his neighbourhood after the very tough year by building the 20-foot high and 10-foot diameter Christmas tree which has a table and chairs inside.

Made from fabricated metal steel pipes, bolts, nuts, screws and thousands of lights bulbs, it has been attracting many visitors to Shaxton Crescent in New Addington since the start of December.

Vish, a bus driver for London Transport, said: “Neighbours in my area will come out in the evening to have a chat around the tree maintaining social distancing.

“It put a bright smile on the faces of many. It is widely circulated on pathfinder with over 100 comments. Many people in the area show a great degree of appreciation.”

“Children have been very fascinated about its height and the fact that there are table and chairs inside the tree where you can have tea and cakes with the elves.*

“I did not expect that many people would love this project and show such a high degree of appreciation or else I would have put more effort into it.  Hopefully next year.”

The tree will be available to see at Shaxton Crescent, New Addington in Croydon until January 23. *Subject to social distancing regulations.