Noticeboards get a face lift

The Association’s public noticeboards have got a face lift with new signage donated by Parallax Laser Design Ltd.

HVA Noticeboard

The new signage can be seen in this photograph and you will notice the QR code to the right of the title. Just point your smart phone camera app at the QR code and you will be taken directly to our website.

Parallax Laser Design Ltd is an upcoming local company and you can read all about them by following this link.

The noticeboards are there for you to promote your local events and organisations.


  1. Posters should be no larger than A4.
  2. We provide a free laminating service to help to preserve them.
  3. Please try to give plenty of notice as space is limited and we cannot always guarantee to fit your advertising in.

If you would like to use this free service, please contact Steve White on

Please allow 48 hours for your advertising to appear on the noticeboards.

If you contact me, please say whether you would like your local event to be added to our community calendar on our website. I will let you know what information and images you can include.