Our fight back against Covid 19


2BX Boxing Club closed its doors for the first time in March 2020 just at the pinnacle when the club was getting ready for the National Youth Amateur finals which one of their boxers had reached. This event was sadly cancelled as the country went into national lockdown due to the terrible pandemic.

The boxing club prides itself on coaching a broad range of the community. We have members that have various disabilities some visible and some not and it was important for our community that regular contact with each other, their friends and coaches continued during the lockdown.

The committee quickly published home workouts and encouraged all members to post via their social media platform. The club offered online tuition for all its boxers and extended family in these troubled times.

In July 2020 when we were permitted to train outside in socially distanced groups the coaches and the committee wanted to help the Hayes community who had been Locked down since March, so the club, the coaches and volunteers offered free training for all of the Hayes community, social distanced, on Hayes Common This was wildly received and it was great to meet members from our community and offer free training at a time when it was so important to look after one’s health both physical and mental,

Legislation changed in July and allowed the return to Elite Sports, which was great news for our professional boxers and our amateurs on elite development pathways. This insured they could now continue to train.

The BBBofC instructed all coaches and professional boxers to have a Covid test before returning to the sport, which at first was done privately

The club was thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and disinfected. The boxing club is always cleaned thoroughly in normal times, but now the committee employed the services of a professional cleaning company to fog the entire club, a process we still use each week along with our strict cleaning routine.

As Covid 19 tests became more wildly available each professional boxer attached to the club and their coaches or support staff were tested each week, becoming regulars at Norman park and now indeed in Station Approach. Each professional boxer or coach coming from another club to spar our boxers also had to provide a negative Covid -19 test within 48 hours.

We set up a strict track and trace and from the period of March 2020 to January 2021 we have had no cases of Coronavirus in the club between its boxers or coaches, showing that our procedures of regular testing and track trace, cleaning and taking temperatures, hand sanitiser stations were indeed working.

Since the beginning of November, we upped our testing requirements & above the required standards and implemented twice a week Covid 19 tests for all staff and boxers, again with a 100% record, with no positive results.

We wanted to beat Covid 19 and set a high example in what can be achieved in the sport, all elite amateurs boxers have their temperatures taken on entering the club and all training was and still is socially distanced with no sparring.

The majority of training for the professional boxers such as running, hill sprint etc was still where possible done outside, pads, strength & conditioning and sparring for Professional Boxers (elite sportspersons) was done inside the club but everyone was tested twice per week and we educated everyone on the possible symptoms.

Bromley Council provided the club with a letter of authority to remain open during all tiers and lockdowns and were impressed with our exemplary record, we provided licences and paperwork such as our Covid risk assessment and list of all professional & amateur elites and their support staff and coaches and the council visited during training times and wished our boxers the best of luck in their up & coming fights in March and May.

Along with normal committee members and our child welfare office, we appointed a dedicated Covid Officer to oversee and keep a record of all boxers testing and our track & trace all working together to keep our boxers safe but also our community.

As the boxing club is also registered as a shop we could also stay open for click & collect, orders of boxing gloves were placed online and payments made online, we gave clear instructions on how to receive their parcel at a social distance and again track & tracing those customers.

The boxing clubs fight back against Covid -19 is testament to the forward-thinking of our committee, staff & coaches and to our governing bodies on the information they provided to help protect our boxers and the wider community and for the club to continue to coach our elites in a safe Covid free environment.

We have set the way with other clubs and businesses in Hayes as the infection rate is starting to decline in Hayes.

Moving forward into the spring it is important we all as a community stay safe and it is essential that everyone stays fit and healthy, when the time is right and we can offer outdoor sessions for our wonderful community of Hayes we will be offering free classes for you all.

Hang in their everyone, please stay safe, please exercise every day, please keep communication up with friends and family as this is important for your mental well-being.

Together we can beat this.

Kind Regards

2BX Boxing Club