Parallax Laser Design Ltd

As a fresh company we pride ourselves with giving the personal touch, taking the time to ensure all of our designs and products are of the highest quality and competitively priced.

We offer a custom laser engraving and custom laser cutting service that will fulfil your bespoke requirements.

From humble beginnings..
Conceived, designed and manufactured by myself, all of my products carry my unique style and are of course hand finished. I primarily design and manufacture artworks and decor for the home.
Based in ‘the Garden of England’, Kent (Hayes to be precise) I have now ‘gone it alone’. After spending all of my years in education in Fine art, sculpture, design and with more than 24 years working from the ground up in the sign, design and display sector, I handed my notice in as senior CAD designer for a market leading signage company and took the plunge.. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!
Hugely inspired by the material Itself, the organic and geometric patterns found in nature, I always start a new concept, with a ‘feeling’ and often a bespoke or unique take on a design or artwork.
The one thing my products, designs and artworks have in common is that they are all CNC (computer numerically controlled) machined by laser, so cut with light. With the plastics this leaves a beautifully crisp, polished and accurate cut where the material is vaporised, turned instantly from a solid to a gas. With the organic materials such as plywood the blackening, scorching of the edges produces a superbly high contrast with the face.
All of my artworks are unique and limited edition or one offs. I use a combination of various plastics, softwood and hardwood plywood to produce fret cut and engraved pieces of artwork for your environment. My plastics suppliers are UK based companies who have a sustainable range of products including Green Cast (100% recycled plastics). My timber suppliers are based in the UK and are members of BM TRADA which ensures adherence and compliance to a strict set of independently audited guidelines on responsibly sourced material.
We offer several infinitely customisable, bespoke artworks, with new designs and concepts being developed continuously.
As a brand new startup we would be Very happy to discuss the possibility of creating something Truly individual for you.