Husseywell Open Space

Husseywell Open Space (Park) is a small public park in the middle of Hayes on Pickhurst Lane. It has a beautiful pond and a small play area.

There are two small children’s play areas and a pond.

The park is located close to Station Approach, one of two shopping high streets.

Knoll Park

The Knoll – an Ornamental Ground of four and a half hectares with lakes and specimen forest trees. It also features a series of ponds.

It is located opposite Husseywell Open Space on Pickhurst Lane.

Hayes Library Gardens

Hayes Library Gardens, the former gardens of Hayes Rectory is located on Hayes Street and the junction with Pickhurst Lane.

The site was laid out as a public park in 1906 and forms a compact garden with a rose garden and tennis courts around the library. The garden has flower, rose and shrub beds, with laurel hedges on the boundaries. The walls on the street side are topped with iron railings and there are matching ornamental iron gates.

The gardens are open from 7.30 am weekdays/9 am Sat/Sun/BHs – half an hour after dusk.

Pickhurst Recreation Ground

Address: Pickhurst Lane, Hayes BR2 0HN

This lovely park includes a charming pirate-themed children’s playground and a large area of mown grass complete with a few goalposts.

This park connects to Pickhurt Green and the associated allotments.


Hayes (Kent) Village Association

The Association was founded in 1933 to protect the interests of residents and preserve the local amenities.

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