Planning application – 56 Bourne Way Hayes Bromley BR2 7EY

Application Summary
Address:56 Bourne Way Hayes Bromley BR2 7EY
Proposal:Demolition of the existing club house buildings, erection of a five storey building to provide 36 residential flats comprising of 16 x 1 bed and 20 x 2 bed with 23 parking spaces.
Case Officer:Jessica Lai
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Comments Details
Commenter Type:Residents Association
Stance:Customer objects to the Planning Application
Reasons for comment:– Objection
Comments:The proposed development is an overdevelopment of the site. The 5 storey block of flats has been squeezed into the irregular shaped site. It will dominate the surrounding area and overlook neighbouring properties – especially when any bordering trees are not in leaf. With 5 floors, plus the additional height of the top of the lift shaft, it is excessive.

The provision of only 23 parking spaces for 36 flats is inadequate, based on established LBB standards, and will add to the existing parking problems in adjacent roads which are already congested. On the other hand, the provision of 88 cycle spaces appears to be extreme in comparison.

The site is accessed via a single track off Bourne Way – an extremely busy road used by bus routes 119, 138, 353, 314, 638 and 246. The access point is located on a bend in the road where visibility is further restricted by parked cars and buses at the adjacent bus stop. Access to the development site will be especially difficult for large vehicles.

Clearly, the proposed installation of a traffic light system to gain access to the site will result in vehicles having to queue in the line of moving traffic in Bourne Way, creating an additional danger on a bend in a busy road.