Roebucks Cricket Club Hayes applies to sell booze and open until 11 pm

A South London cricket club wants to hold a series of summer events, while neighbours claim noise from the club is already so bad that their children can’t sleep and they’re considering moving away from the area.

Bromley Council has received an application from Roebucks Cricket Club in Hayes to play music and serve booze until 11pm every day.

The club said in its application, which will be considered by the licensing committee on November 30, that it is looking to hold a small number of summer functions to offset the large increase in spending it is facing.

They added that events would largely consist of children’s birthday parties and anniversaries, and that the club was not looking to become a “party venue” or upset neighbours.

The club is currently licensed to sell booze between midday and 10pm.

Council officers added in their report that the authority received a number of complaints in the summer regarding loud music coming from events in a marquee at the club.

The latest application has since received 31 objections.

One neighbour said in their objection: “None of my children can get to sleep when music is on, which is bad enough at a weekend but it’s definitely not acceptable when they have school the next day and we have work.”

Another added: “To say all this has had a detrimental impact on the immediate area would be an understatement.

“A couple of months back I was having to wear ear plugs more than once a week just to get to sleep at night and actively looking into permanently moving from the area.”

Locals also said there had been issues with event guests throwing glass bottles on the streets outside the club. Conservative Councillors Thomas Turrell and Alexa Michael, both representing the Hayes and Coney Hall ward, objected to the application on the basis of the antisocial behaviour and noise that had been reported at previous events in the club.

Roebucks Cricket Club was served with a warning by the council’s public health nuisance team on September 6.

The club said in their application that music at club events would only be played in an outside marquee with the doors shut, and that events of this nature would not be a regular occurrence.

They described themselves as a “small, friendly orientated” club and anybody seen to be disruptive at events would be asked to leave.

The club added: “Any form of antisocial behaviour caused by a member or their guests will result in being asked to leave the premises.

“There will be a zero tolerance of drugs within the premises, anyone found using drugs will be reported to the police and banned from the club.”

A Roebucks Cricket Club spokesperson told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “We look forward to the hearing on November 30 and are working with Bromley Council to find a fair and reasonable way forward whilst taking into consideration the concerns of those who have objected to our application, we are working to find a compromise.

“We are pleased to see support from our immediate neighbours and hope to be able to continue to provide cricket and football in the borough, for adults and juniors alike.”


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