The Safer Neighbourhood Team met on 25/06/24. This is a report of the meeting

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Safer Neighbourhood Team

The SNT panel met last night. In attendance Met. Police, Local Councillors, City of London Ranger, Coney Hall, Hayes and Keston Residents’ Associations.

The principal information shared by the Met Police is detailed below. The local councillors shared information concerning a petition to be sent to Southeastern Rail to instal ticket barriers at Hayes Station (See for a link to the petition).

The other significant decision was to reschedule a public meeting for September 2024, with the date and venue to be confirmed.

Met Police Information

Crime Data

The data has been extracted from CONNECT. This is a system that has been in operation within the metropolitan police since 27/02/2024 which replaced a system used for many years called CRIS (crime reporting information system).

CONNECT links all police reporting systems into one to stop multiple reports on different systems being created. This data is from 27/03/24-20/06/2024.

Currently, overall crime is down from the last period.

  • Residential Burglary- 2
  • Attempted Burglary-0
  • Robbery-4
  • Attempted robbery-3
  • Theft of Motor Vehicle- 16
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle- 7
  • Criminal Damage (where the value is under £500)- 4
  • Criminal Damage (where the value is £500 or over but under £5000)-1
  • Assault (This covers common assault, ABH, GBH) 
    (Please note these figures incorporate domestic incidents)
    Common Assault/Battery (Assault without Injury) – 3
    ABH (Actual bodily harm) (Assault with Injury) – 5 (2 are domestic incidents)
    GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) (Assault with Injury) – 1 (Domestic Incident)
    GBH With intent (Assault with Injury) – 0

Met Police work to be highlighted

09/04/24 – While staffing up the response team, PC Whitehead took a domestic/child neglect report. A suspect has been arrested and charged.

15/04/24 to 19/04/24 – Week-long robbery operation around Station Approach. This was put together by the local SNT and involved joint working between Met Police, BTP and South-eastern.
1 female was arrested for robbery not connected to the robbery OP
a direct stop by police of a female who was wanted for a robbery offence.
During the week no robbery offences were committed, and residents/businesses were happy to see police presence.

15/05/2024 – A male was arrested by PC Whitehead for robbery whilst staffing up a response team.

20/05/2024 – A positive stop and search possession of cannabis dealt with on the street via an out-of-court disposal.

28/05/2024 – Warrant under S135 Mental Health Act 1983

31/05/2024 – Two males were stopped, in Coney Hall recreation ground, by PC Byrne and PC Whitehead. Cannabis vapes were seized and the investigation is ongoing.

06/06/2024 – A male was arrested by PC Byrne for domestic controlling and coercive behaviour.

08-06-2024 – Several calls to police regarding multiple attempted robberies in Norman Park. PC Whitehead and a part of a Level 2 AID serial (other police officers) deployed up London for Palestine protests on route back to Bromley assisted with the above calls made to police. All 6 males stopped and were arrested for multiple attempted robberies and possession of a machete which was located by the dog unit.

PC Byrne received a certificate of excellence for his professionalism and forward-thinking when taking a report for a large fraud. PC Byrne waited where the suspect was attending the victim’s address to commit further crimes when they were chased, detained and arrested.

Abstractions (Relocation of police officers’ time away from neighbourhood duties)

Total days worked from March through 25/06/24 on possible neighbourhood duties.

Dayes worked: 104

Abstractions: 61 (58.7%)

Crime Prevention

There is an array of useful tips and advice that can help you prevent crime from happening to you, your properties and your vehicles. The met police website has all this information and more.

Keep up to date with the Met Police team

Twitter: @MPSHayes
Nextdoor: Bromley Police (Hayes and Coney Hall)

Our contact methods are not monitored 24/7 so if you wish to report crime happening at the time it occurs please use or call 101 (999 IN AN EMERGENCY). You can also tweet @MetCC.

The priorities set by the panel for the next 3 months are vehicle crime (including speeding), anti-social behaviour and robbery.

The next meeting will be held in October.


Hayes (Kent) Village Association

The Association was founded in 1933 to protect the interests of residents and preserve the local amenities.

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