A meeting of the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) was held on Wednesday 27th March. This article 'Reports Back' on the discussions of that meeting.

Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) meeting

The SNT met on Wednesday 27th March.

In attendance were Inspector Pryal, PC Byrne, PCSO Ralph (Met Police), and Cllr. Thomas Turrell, Stephen Whittle (Hayes School), John Algar, John Wiltshire (KVRA), Peter Hodges (Coney Hall) and Stephen White (HKVA)

Apologies for absence received from PC Whitehead, Cllrs. Michael & Coldspring-White


Concern was expressed about speeding traffic on Heathfield Road. This continues onto Baston Road and into Hayes. There followed a discussion about the options for solving this problem. Heathfield Road has recently been resurfaced.

Speed Warning Signs – Funding has been received for speed warning signs on Bourne Vale, Pickhurst Lane & Baston Road

Speed cameras – Tfl is responsible for all installations of speed cameras. A case would need to be made to them. Data is required to support a case and this is generally related to injuries and fatalities.

Speed monitoring – the Met Police will conduct speed watching in the Hayes area following the acquisition of more speed guns and training.

Hayes & Coney Hall

Information had been circulated, before the meeting, related to residents’ experiences of car theft, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

It was accepted that communications were very important and the idea of a public meeting soon was accepted. It was suggested that it be held in Hayes Village Hall. Further meetings could be considered at Keston Village Hall and the Assembly Rooms Coney Hall.

The Met Police will be organising Days of Action shortly, aimed at tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in Hayes.

The Met Police will also consider participating in the Monthly Street Surgeries on Station Approach held by local councillors.

The Met Police reported they were using a new reporting system, which combined several existing systems into one. 

In response to a question about robbery on trains, the Met Police confirmed they share information with BT Police.

Met Police

They explained that they operate on a 5-week schedule and that despite scheduling officers, they have to respond to situations as they arise. Inspector Pryal said she hopes to allocate a better police presence in the ward but this cannot be guaranteed (On the day of the meeting there was a knifing incident between Shortlands and Beckenham Junction stations which police needed to respond to immediately.)

In a discussion about gangs using the Hayes line to come to Hayes and commit crimes and then escape, it was reported that barriers at the Hayes station exit have been asked for.

There was some discussion about the use of CCTV. There is an installation on Station Approach but this does not seem to register at the control point. This needs to be looked at.

Stephen Whittle reported that staff were allocated to be at Hayes station after school to see that anti-social behaviour and crimes were not committed. They have been working in liaison with the police.

It was suggested that we should invite some younger people (sixth formers) to join the panel and this was felt to be a good idea. Mr Whittle will progress this.

It was suggested that the Met Police should participate on Facebook (Hayes Life) but there are some restrictions on them being able to do that.

It was agreed that more information and better communication between the authorities and residents was essential.

The Met Police had brought information with them and this is shown at the end of this report.

The priorities for the next period were agreed as

1. Robbery

2. Antisocial behaviour

3. Traffic speeding

The next meeting of the SNT will be on 20th June at 7:00 pm.


What we do as the local SNT

Patrolling the ward providing a police presence

Attend breach of the peace appointments this will normally be as a result of domestic investigations

Various Reports progressed by the team ranging from anti-social vehicles to dangerous dog offences.

  • 559 warnings issued to vehicles driving anti-socially

Conditional caution issued in relation to dog investigation

Agreed policy for all dog investigations to be passed to SNT officers to investigate

Burglary cocooning/reassurance visits attendance by local SNT after every burglary/attempted burglary.

Although reports should be made via the normal reporting methods we still get direct reports made to us via e-mail which then need to be reported by us this does take time away from us being on the ward, reporting via the normal methods goes through to METCC’who are 24/7 and there are teams dedicated to putting these reports on.

Should they need to be passed to the local SNT they will be passed down/made aware to us.

Should a call be made whilst on duty this will be circulated via the radios and we can attend. ERPT work 24/7 with various teams working the early shift late shift and night shift

Dealing with neighbour disputes as the local SNT.

Robbery patrols around Station Approach Hayes

Contact sessions are conducted three times a

month spread over the ward.

monthly ASB panel meetings with joint agencies

Abstractions for staffing up response team, central aid, local aid, warrants, and training days.

Local tasking such as crime scenes, mental health warrants, arrest enquiries, constant watches, hospital guards, assisting the council with a vehicle removal in Orpington to prevent a breach of the peace, school visits to give talks to students, (this includes attending activity days put together where a day is arranged with talks provided to school pupils by police fire service etc).

Attending and assisting with any local events where police assistance is required.

Dealing with CADS that have come in and SNT Speed gun operations conducted

Have been asked to assist, ASB reports that Mead Way and Heathfield Road have come in.

Work to Highlight 


27 CADS Attended/Actioned

5 Arrests

2 Traffic offence reports

15 stop and accounts


Assisted west Wickham SNT with a warrant

Firearm (air rifle) seized for assessment


A drink driver was arrested by Kent police. We attended an immediate response call which ended up being just into Kent’s grounds (Westerham Hill) subject veered across the road crashing into a telecom pole. A breath test was conducted and the subject was arrested for driving over the prescribed limit

A male was arrested at Biggin Hill Airport after an out-of-force request for a subject who was circulated as wanted

Assisted penge SNT with a positive arrest enquiry for a violent male

  • who was outstanding for a robbery offence
  • January
  • Assisted Biggin Hill/Darwin SNT

S23 drugs Warrant OP ALPACA

1 male arrested cannabis grow found on execution

Positive arrest enquiry (Subject wanted for failing to appear in court by another force)

  • February

Assisted Darwin SNT with a 523 drugs Warrant

OP HORIZON (Hayes and Coney Hall SNT)

S23 drugs Warrant, Keston

1 male arrested enquiries ongoing

Cannabis grow found, Firearms found and seized for assessment, and drug supply equipment.


Assisted Pettswood SNT after calls re males on off-road bikes, 2 bikes seized one was stolen from 2023, 1 male arrested for various offences, others dealt with via MB legislation (ASB warnings)

West Wickham High Street

Immediate response call regarding subject acting erratically walking in and out of traffic subject was detained under 5136 Mental Health act


All events will be confirmed with venues and times and will posted on Nextdoor and Twitter and on

  • 10/04/2024 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the Assembly Halls, Social Room

Address: 18 Gates Green Road, Coney Hall, West Wickham, BR4 9JW

  • 20/04/2024 from 12:00 pm -1:00 pm at The Warren, Queens Room

Address: The Warren, Croydon Road, Bromley, BR2 7AL

Crime prevention

There is an array of useful tips and advice that can help you prevent crime from happening to you, your properties and your vehicles. The Met Police website has all this information and more.

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Street Link

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This includes anyone who is sleeping outside, preparing to bed down, or sleeping somewhere not designed for habitation, such as a car. To make these connections, the platform relies on alerts submitted by members of the public and people sleeping rough.


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