Your Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) is a group of Met police officers dedicated to serving your community. The team comprises officers based in your area (or ‘ward’), supported by additional officers from the wider area.

We work closely with local authorities, community leaders and residents to decide our policing priorities for the area. This helps us to find useful, long-term solutions to local problems while maintaining our wider focus on reducing crime across London.

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On the Team

The police officers in this team are:

  • Richard Phillips
  • PC Dan Byrne
    Police Constable
  • PC Liam Whitehead
    Police Constable
  • PCSO Kiana Ralph

The team meet with local volunteers at a Ward Panel and this includes the following volunteers

  • John Algar (Chair) (Keston)
  • John Wiltshire (Vice Chair) (Keston)
  • Josh Coldspring-White (LBB Cllr)
  • Alexa Michael (LBB Cllr)
  • Tom Turrell (LBB Cllr)
  • Peter Hodges (Coney Hall)
  • Alison (Coney Hall)
  • Barry (City of London Ranger)
  • Steve White (Hayes)

The Safer Neighbourhood  Ward Panel

The Panel aim to meet once a quarter to exchange information about crime and security in the ward.

A report from the meetings will be posted on this website.

The police are unable to monitor 24/7 so if you wish to report a crime happening at the time it occurs please use or call 101 (999 in an emergency). You can also tweet @MetCC.

Hayes (Kent) Village Association

The Association was founded in 1933 to protect the interests of residents and preserve the local amenities.

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