The Kent underground tunnels hidden beneath our feet and their fascinating stories – 4

Part Four

Tunbridge Wells’ disused tunnel

Grove Tunnel was once part of the railway line located on the southern edge of town at a time when the town was served by two railway stations – Tunbridge Wells Central and Tunbridge Wells West.

It is a 183-yard single-bore tunnel and was completed in February 1876 by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway company.

The South East Coast Railway Company which operated from Tunbridge Wells Central insisted on a link to their central station which meant a route from their terminus at Charing Cross to Eastbourne.

The tunnel was eventually closed in July 1985.

Now the tunnel remains disused and difficult to access – with fencing blocking it off from the West Station coach park.

It is not a place for the faint-hearted however and only a few urban explorers dare to tread inside.

A video uploaded to the YouTube channel of akathelightworker shows two urban explorers walking through the tunnel which gives an eerie glimpse into the dark underworld.

Graffiti adorns the walls and abandoned footballs remain in the darkness.